4 Stroke Positive Drive Fin


Enhance your swimming performance and get great results with the Zoggs 4-Stroke Positive Drive Fins.

These are uniquely designed for all 4 competitive strokes to provide superior propulsion and power for faster swimming. Off-Set Foot Pockets are capable of transferring the natural foot power into positive drive to boost the speed. The fins maximize feet and ankle flexibility that leads to greater propulsion. The 4-Stroke positive drive fins are designed to broaden the front of the foot that helps reduce the pressure on the instep and toes, improving your performance. Their soft and comfortable silicone rubber foot pocket is perfect to be used for long hours. The rounded edges of the foot pocket prevents irritation on the foot when kicking. They also feature ridges on heel that ensure positive traction on the pool deck. The drain hole on bottom of fins allows easy flow of water and helps you to easily wear and remove them. The compact design makes it easy to carry them with you on travel and outdoor tours.

Use the Zoggs 4-Stroke Positive Drive Fins for better and powerful performance.

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