Aqua Plugz

  • Best swimming ear plugs:

    you have ever used or your money back 
  • Extremely comfortable

    Super soft silicone is unique to our earplugs. The silicone is so soft, you forget they are in your ear.
  • Shaped perfectly to fit inside your ear

    Our unique design allows our earplugs to fit perfectly in your ear, causing the earplug to never fall out. VOTE #1 BEST FITTING EAR PLUG!
  • Re-usable:

    Use for multiple swims. Simply wash with warm tap water and allow to air dry. Repeat cleaning process for prolonging the life of earplugs for long-lasting use.
  • strong durable compact carrying case:

    Protective carrying case allows for easy transport and maximum protection when traveling to do your swim training, swim meets, triathlons, and other water sporting events.
  • idenitify with R (right) or L (left) :

    Easily identifiable markings of R (Right) or L (Left) on earplugs. Never be confused as to which earplug goes where. To insert, place the correct side plug into the outer ear and insert until secure. To remove plugs, squeeze the insertion stem and remove carefully.
zoggs usa swim googles badge NOTE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Truth of the matter is that no one goggle will fit every single person. Different facial structures contribute to the success of a great fitting swim goggle. Because of this, we always offer a risk free trial period for every goggle we sell. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please send your swim goggle back within 2 weeks after delivery for a full refund, NO QUESTIONS .

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