Swim Goggle Care and Instructions


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At Zoggs, we have a passion for swimming. We are committed to delivering the highest quality swim products and the best fitting goggles in the world. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the instructions and how to care for your new googles properly.

The Initial Fit

Place goggles in position over eyes and press gently. If you feel a slight suction and no discomfort, the goggles are a good fit (note: if the goggles have a foam style seal, there will be a little or no suction).

The Nose Piece

If your goggles have an adjustable nose piece and the fit is too wide or narrow, adjust the width of the googles one notch at a time until they fit. If your google comes with multiple nose-pieces, select the correct size and snap into place.

The Strap

Place goggles in position on your face and stretch the head strap over the back of your head. The strap should be placed at a 45-degree angle over the crown of your head for proper fit. Do not over-tighten the head strap, as this can cause leaking and discomfort around the eyes.

The Care

Keep lenses clear of oil and dirt. Wash googles in clear tap water and allow them to air dry after each use. This helps remove the chlorine residue, which can build up on the lenses and cause the goggles to fog up. Do not use any chemicals on the lenses, as this will damage the surface of the lens. Do not leave goggles in direct sunlight for an extended period.

Please view the image to see proper care and instructions for your new Zoggs swim goggle.

Swim Goggle Care and Instructions, placing swim goggles over your handsSwim Goggle Care and Instructions, placing swim goggles over your headSwim Goggle Care and Instructions, placing swim goggles and fit the strap

Warning Eye Safety:

Misuse of goggles may cause serious injury to the eye or possible blindness. Use only as directed. Googles are designed for SURFACE SWIMMING ONLY and are not intended for recreational water sports. Take extreme caution when putting on or wearing goggles. DO NOT pull goggles away from your face as they can snap back and hurt your eyes. DO NOT dive into the water wearing goggles unless you are properly trained. DO NOT use goggles if the skin is broken. The manufacture or seller will not be responsible for injury to the eyes or face caused by misuse, collisions, or accidental incidents.