A collection of influencers in and out of the water. Our ambassadors are respected individuals in the swimming and triathlon communities. They know the taste of victory, yearn for the excellent and know how to have fun.

Dan Van Drunen

Ottawa, ON Canada | Instagram
When a shoulder injury side-lined Dan from continuing to play competitive volleyball, he turned to running/triathlon to quench his competitive thirst. He describes his first three years in the sport very selfish and self-absorbed focusing on personal improvement. It wasn't until he realized how much he learned in the first three years of these new disciplines and how much of an impact he could have on others. This was when he started reaching out to others and making himself available through one-on-one coaching and guidance. His passion for helping and inspiring others led him to the Zoggs ambassador program where he is now even more connected with the swimming/triathlon community, and it's athletes. Dan's current goals have him focused on qualifying once again for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships which will be held in Australia in 2016.

Tracey Levenson

Palm Beach, FL | Facebook
One of the most notable individuals in the triathlon industry, Tracey has been competing in triathlon for 26 years now. The veteran triathlete started a women’s only triathlon team that grew to over 200 members when she first started the sport. The club saw much success with Reebok as a title sponsor. From there, Tracey found herself working at USA Triathlon in Colorado Springs and was fortunate enough to travel the world and support both age groups and professional athletes.



Russ Bearrows

San Jose, CA
Educating the minds of America’s youth, this 18 year veteran of triathlon has competed in over 50 triathlons along his journey. Russ is inspired by the individuals he meets at each event and the shared experiences they have. The teacher also finds a way to fit triathlon into his math curriculum, having his students calculate speed, distance and time. He finds that some students are inspired by the amount of time he spends training. However, there is always one student to ask “why can’t you go any faster?” Russ tries to compete in 3-4 events annually including one full-distance Ironman competition.



Naomi Parker

Pensacola, FL | Instagram 
Naomi was diagnosed with Onset Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (SJIA) when she was 1. Though in remission for the last few years, Naomi has suffered flare-ups from time to time. Sports were something Naomi found strength in as she overcame issues associated autoimmune disease, but many sports were difficult and uncomfortable. After learning to swim when she was 7, Naomi found a sport that allowed her to be competitive both mentally and physically.  Now at age 10, she's a member of the Pensacola Navy Youth Swim Team. Outside of the pool Naomi works with the Arthritis National Research Foundation's Racing for a Cure's, Swimming for a Cure, which she is the team captain, to raise awareness and hopefully money for Arthritis Research.  In addition to swimming Naomi has started softball.  She is playing for Myrtle Groves' 10U Softball team "Lady Yellow Jackets".  She is also still taking gymnastics and is participating in her school's chorus.  Though she stays busy, as she is continually trying new sports and activities, her first love is still swimming.  Her biggest highlight in swimming thus far is when she participated in a Breakout Swim Clinic in which she won a Team USA swim cap from Gold Medalist Breeja Larson for her streamline.  Naomi was chosen to be the first official Junior Ambassador for Zoggs USA right after her 8th birthday and continues to let everyone know that Zoggs are the best.  Zoggs are not just useful for swim practice, but also great for where she plans to spend most of her summer...the beach!

Favorite Goggles This Year:  Podium Mirrored

Favorite Goggles This Year:  Podium Mirrored


Kara Schwantz

Pensacola, FL | Instagram
Currently an eleven-year-old sixth-grade student who is a member of the Pensacola Navy Youth (PNY) swim team and her middle school swim team.  Kara enjoys swimming because it allows her to be a team player as well as complete individually. She was recognized as the second highest point earner on the PNY swim team last year. Kara is participating in the Arthritis National Research Foundation’s Swimming for a Cure. In addition to swimming, Kara loves to skimboard, surf, and paddleboard all of which she has perfected in the Gulf of Mexico. Her favorite subjects in school are math and history, and she is a first chair violinist in her school’s orchestra. Most importantly, Kara is a friendly and kind person who is a role model to others.





Mark Olson

Davidson, NC
Mark Olson has been in endurance sports for over 20 years, mainly as a cyclist in the southeast turned triathlete eight years ago to explore a different sport.  He has completed 3 Ironman Events and over 15 Half Ironman throughout the last eight years as well as multiple local triathlons and running events.  He is relatively new to the world of swimming but enjoys master swimming as well as open water swimming almost every week.   He was first introduced to Zoggs by a friend from California and has used them ever since and has helped bring the Zoggs brand to the southeast.  Due to upcoming ankle surgery, he will not be racing until the later part of 2016 but is spending a lot of time swimming and biking.  He is a father of two daughters and spends all his free time traveling.

Scott Bennefield

Rio Rancho, NM | Facebook
This certified USA Triathlon and USA Cycling coach served as a pastor for over 35 years and advocates a fusion of faith and fitness. As a triathlete for over 20 years, he enjoys that triathlon promotes a healthy lifestyle, likes that the sport has a challenging discipline, and it’s an opportunity to inspire and encourage others.  Scott is a 9-time Ironman finisher, seven times 70.3 finisher, 2-time quintathlon finisher and more than 30 triathlon sprint distance finishes. Scott also serves on the USAT Rocky Mountain Region council for paratriathlon, is a home theater enthusiast and enjoys attending rock concerts and festivals.


Deb Carabet

Los Angeles, CA | Website

Currently holding one of the managing positions with LA Tri Club, Deb is well known for the amount of energy she excerpts daily. This enthusiastic triathlete and aqua bike competitor has trained in triathlon for 2.5 years and now trains under Ian Murray. Deb considers herself a water baby; she enjoys spending time with her family and bonding with all members old and new of her Tri Club. She’s very much a team player and continuously lifts and encourages those around her to have fun.

Jill Kuhn

Spring, TX | Facebook
"When you hear that the journey is just as important as the race this is why; there will be struggles. There will be days that are harder than you could imagine. There will be days that make you question everything you are doing." Jill Kuhn, a mother of four young boys, juggles the full-time career of motherhood alongside her intense training schedule. Not to mention, the new-to-tri athlete balances this all while living with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The ever-determined triathlete refuses to let this physical disability get in the way of doing what she loves. Jill is new to triathlon only one year in, but hopes to compete as much as five times in the year of 2016 and will continue increasing training in hopes to compete in her first Ironman 140.6 in 2017.

Monica Johnson-Null

Adamstown, PA | Instagram
This Pennsylvania native currently works as an operating room nurse and is looking to graduate with her Masters as a Family Nurse Practitioner in the summer of 2016. As a mom of 10-year-old twins, Monica was also known as Mo, grew up swimming in high school and college but only picked back up swimming and triathlon six years ago. Since then she’s completed 14 sprint races, three Olympic distances, two Ironman 70.3 races and one Ironman 140.6. Monica was also the Ulman Cancer Fund Team Fight-Fighter of the year in 2013. Monica focuses on technique and pacing herself while also enjoying training new triathletes in and out of the pool along with training her twins who love to take part in the sport as well!

Carmel Rogers

Patuxent River, MD | Facebook
A member of the United States Army and currently enrolled to attend Physical Therapy school, Carmel had first introduced to triathlon just four years ago. After being pitched from a horse and tearing her shoulder, she passed a year of deployment and recovery with running. When the rhythm of her steps wasn’t enough to fuel her athletic needs anymore, Carmel looked for an alternative to remain active and stay in shape; enter the triathlon. Immediately Carmel was intrigued and energized by the community she had first competed with. Having swum her entire life, her initial focus was to remain patient and focus on completion while having fun- after several years Carmel is now a Rev3 Triathlete.

Bryan Vivero

Elmhurst, NY | Instagram
Bryan Vivero is a second-year triathlete, competing in his first 140.6 in Ironman Maryland 2016. He grew up as a swimmer in the Philippines, winning various awards and competed through college in the US. His athletic ambitions brought him recently into cycling and shortly after into triathlons. His favorite race to date is the New York City Triathlon, being one of the city’s biggest events and his first hometown race. It draws the best athletes all over the world and naturally, it took the best of him to compete, placing 8th in his age group (AG) with the time of 2:22:14. He raves about the city’s electric crowd and camaraderie that fueled him to push past his limit. In the same year, he also won his age group in NY Triathlon, placed 4th AG in Escape the Cape, and finished in the top 5% AG in his first Half Ironman in Lake Tahoe. As a profession, Bryan is an accountant for a New York City real-estate developer. When he’s not training he doesn't stray too far away from the sport, as he’s actively involved with various fitness clubs in the city. In 2016, he will compete in three half Ironman races: Toughman Tupper Lake, Shoreman Tri, and Ironman 70.3 Timberman. To close the season, he will be looking forward to finishing his first full-distance Ironman in Maryland.


Sherry Rennard

Costa Mesa, CA | Website
Sherry is a triathlon coach of 15 years and a world-class triathlete for more than 20 years. Having competed in her first Ironman in 2006, she eats breathes and sleeps triathlon. When she’s not racing, this Team Elite coach is ringing cowbells for her athletes. Sherry is an IRONMAN Certified Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Running Coach and Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor located in Orange County, California. The world-ranked level 1 USAT certified coach shows many accolades on her website, and it shows through her training as her athletes are quite decorated with successes as well.



Suzanna Degazon

Glendora, CA | Facebook
Surviving a near-death experience in 1989 to Anorexia Nervosa, Suzy turned to triathlon in 1993 to turn her life around. The competitive and loving spirit she possesses has continued to push her through the sport, motivating her and providing her with the endurance she needs to compete. Her love for triathlon and the healthy lifestyle has influenced so many as she is now a certified scuba instructor, coaches a high school master swim program and is a race director. Suzy is currently the only woman in the world to compete in 15 consecutive ULTRAMAN Hawaiian world championships. She’s successfully finished 12, won her age group five times and unofficially finished three times.



Steve Roulier

Longmeadow, MA
This well-known former news and sports TV host in western Massachusetts now serves as Executive Director of Communications at Springfield College in Springfield Massachusetts. He’s a spokesperson for all things Springfield College by day, but by early morning and weekends, he’s a triathlon enthusiast of 14 years. The regular podium finisher in local triathlons is inspired by his two daughters and by his teammates and fellow triathletes. He holds a passion for the sport and usually only wants to wear and use the best in his training.


Kevin Smith

Clarence Ctr, NY

Kevin is a self-coached 16 year veteran to triathlon. Starting as a non-swimming runner and former collegiate football player, he picked up Terry Laughlin’s "Total Immersion Swimming" and embraced the technique. Now, years later this previous collegiate offensive lineman has lost almost 100lbs since joining triathlon. Just last year he completed and placed second overall twice, and second in his age group twice. In 3 out of those four events, he’s finished within the top ten overall. Kevin enjoys his experiences in triathlon and hopes to compete in more events this calendar year.



Steph Corker

Vancouver, BC Canada
Self-employed as a People Consultant, Steph’s has chosen a career that allows her flexibility to work and train all week long. She swims with a masters group 4 times a week and often competes in triathlon and Ironman. She grew up a competitive swimmer in Ontario, competed at a collegiate level, and shares that “life outside of being fully chlorinated never feels quite right.” To test her abilities and what she knew she was capable of, the swimming enthusiast took up triathlon, and it has now become a way of life for her having completed 13 Ironman races. One of Steph's many goals for the year is to win the swim at Ironman Canada -- though she knows the race is never over until the end of the marathon!

Shelby Lanting


Seattle, WA 

Shelby Lanting is a work from home, stay at home mom, triathlete, marathoner and one heck of a cookie maker. After her mom passed away from breast cancer when she was young, Shelby committed to remembering her by doing what her mom loved most...triathlons! Shelby has completed in countless sprint and Olympic triathlons and this summer crossed the finish line of her first Ironman 70.3. Her goals are big, with more 70.3's on the docket and a full Ironman soon. And the best part? Her Zoggs have been with her the whole time! 


 Christian DuChateau 

Roswell, Georgia

Christian balances a busy schedule as an editor for a leading cable news network, a father, husband and an ambassador for Time Warner's Fit Nation wellness team. He competes in numerous triathlons, road races, and swimming events year round. He finished second in his age group in Georgia's inaugural SwimRun earlier this year. He also completed the world's highest altitude triathlon last fall in Dillon, Colorado. In addition to swimming in his local Adult Swim League, he's currently training for his first 50-mile ultra run. 




John Gregson

Wilton, CT

A pair of "real" running sneakers, a bicycle for father's day, and a side-stroke safety swim – that's how John began his multisport adventure. John didn't learn how to swim freestyle until after he finished his first Olympic distance triathlon at the age of 34, but with the help of swimming lessons at the local YMCA, a coach, and the support of his family and friends, John went from safety swim to podium at his first 140.3 triathlons at Rev3 Cedar Point. He always puts his family first, which means he's either first-in or last-out of the pool, rides his basement-trainer, and runs at night, so he can tuck-in his kids at bedtime and make breakfast on the weekends. John recently finished his first ultra-marathon, loves cheering for his kids at their swim meets and kids triathlons, and blogs about his multisport adventure, if he has free time. He has a passion for sharing his adventures and is excited to be a Zoggs, brand ambassador


Wes Meserve

Merrimac, MA

Facebook: wes.meserve


Wes has been a runner & competing in endurance sports for 16 years. Enjoying life and living every day to the fullest are mottos he lives by. He has voluntered for the Boston Marathon every year at the finish line area and witnessed the unfortunate events of the 2013 Boston Marathon. He formed a new found love for running & life after witnessing the runningcommunity grow and help everyone in need. Wes has competed in many sports throughout HS including varsity track and cross country and then went on to run at the collegiate level in the NCAA for cross country, the indoor, and outdoor track at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Today, he is  an avid runner competing in many road races, triathlete, and obstacle racer. He currently works in Boston for Spartan Race as the International Financial Analyst and finds time before/after work to train.

Wes has been a competitive runner his whole life and always wanted to try a triathlon, but was initially intimidated  until taking part in his first race in 2016 at the Whaling City Triathlon in New Bedford, MA put on by Sun Multisport Events. Wes wanted a new challenge and something that would inspire him in different ways besides just running. He also wanted to become more of a well-rounded athlete by starting to swim and bike. He was instantly hooked, and since has completed 2 tri’s in 2016, 5 in 2017, and planning to compete in at least 7 in 2018. The triathlon community is amazing and he has formed many friendships that I will hold near and dear to his heart for a lifetime.

In triathlons, he frequently finishes at the top 3 in his age group with many top 5 & 10 overall finishes. He has also qualified for the USAT Age Group Nationals in Cleveland, Ohio this year.