Predator Polarized Classic SM/M

  • HIGH NOSE BRIDGE: Allows for the eyecups to stay in place and not spread apart.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME: Won’t feel heavy on your face.

  • POLARIZED LENSES: Cuts out surface glare for open water swimming.

  • EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE: Super soft silicone is unique to our goggles. Allows for an extremely comfortable and super soft fit around the eyes for a more pleasing swim and won’t cause headaches like traditional swim goggles. 

  • BEST ANTI FOG SOLUTION IN THE INDUSTRY: We inject our anti-fog solution into our lenses during the manufacturing process as opposed to being an added treatment on just the surface of the lenses. This process allows for an unparalleled anti-fog unprecedented to our competitors due to the long-lasting, high-quality nature of our anti-fog process.

  • PATENTED INJECTED SILICONE FRAME: Allows for a lightweight, more durable frame than the leading brands.

  • 180 DEGREE VISION: Allows for Better vision so you can see more of what's around you when in the water.

  • QUICK ADJUST: Pull the two back straps to tighten and then pull strap buckle away from your head to loosen.


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