Why Zoggs haves the best swim goggles with proof

September 11, 2018

Proof that Zoggs is the best for open water swimming

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count it 3 guys in open water swimming with our predator flex goggles 

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Best for practicing your triathlon swim

: @marcstokes79 
The predator flex can go in open water or in any pool without fogging up 

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The best swim google for any condition

Zoggs has the best swim google in the world to protect with any condition we didn't know that would include a bath tub. However it's proof even we don't know everything our famous goggles can do. Remember you can only get these lens from Zoggs @morten8666  tri best goggles for mens

Women swim googles in open water 

Donunts are probably not smart before  a open water swim but what do I know, we only do laps in our pool at home. 

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Triathlon swimming googles for women



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no more worrying about foggy swim goggles 


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