Predator Flex 2.0

July 03, 2018

The best swim goggle just got better


Swim goggles with the best design:

Our new swim goggles are evolutionary designed to fit most adults 


Better fitting goggle for all conditions:

The new profile which is streamlined with a fluid dynamic profile which just means it just fits better and more comfortable.


Underwear eye support swim goggles:

Patented Ultra fit gaskets which just means it doesn't hurt your eyes underwater in a pool, or open water. 


Swim goggles that adapt:

These new swimming goggles flex to your face shape and eye shape. 


The best swim goggles:

Our technology blows the competitors away especially for triathlons  

See a video of what a real customer says about our swim goggles

Youtube video about The best swim goggles

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