Flex Tour 2016 Dates & Locations

January 13, 2016

Flex Tour 2016 Dates & Locations


This year's Flex Tour dates and locations have been released! We've added stops as the popularity of our tour has grown. We're visiting various triathlons and expositions around the country to promote the brand, raise awareness, and build the Zoggs family. Check out the complete list of tour dates here and see if Zoggs USA will be Flexin' in a city near you.

The Flex Tour, named after our flagship goggle, the Predator Flex, will kick off Feb. 20th 2016 in Philadelphia, PA. for the Endurance Sports Expo. From there Zoggs will appear at races and expos around the country including in Puerto Rico, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Chicago.

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